Homosexuality …A red Christmas…a girl…and the romance.

This topic is very controversial. Before I discuss, i want to tell a story that was happened between me and my friend. She was actually a lesbian. We met her since we were in middle school. She was so much attractive and she frankly told me about her sexual orientation since that time. No one could predict what she liked as she was really famous of her richness and beauty.

When we were separated after high school, I got to university of medicine 2. She then transferred to a district because her parents were government servants. At that time, we made conversations with phone at first, but later, we didn’t even chat. Social media were not quite famous at that time. But she never failed to do one thing, which was sending me a letter every month. But I never replied to her because i was so proud of myself being a medical student and i was so much busy. A teenager’s ego made us more separated, probably. But I remembered whenever she talked about Christmas, her eyes were so glazed and the way she sang Carol singing was really beautiful. But, I forgot them all till I got a boyfriend in first year mid-term. It was just 16 yrs of age.

When I met her again, I eventually became a house surgeon. It was a chaotic afternoon when we met by chance in front of Scot market in Yangon. She asked me ” Lynn, Is that you?”. I confessed that I really couldn’t remember her. She was such a beautiful queen when we were in state, but now, her features looked like older than her age, her skin got darker, her eyes showed her stress or worries about something I couldn’t imagine. But her smiles and her dimples still got attractive. I said ” You?”..! That’s all.! Because at that time, her husband arrived and she just introduced me with her guy and said goodbye. That’s all. And again, I forgot that evening. I was just a bit surprised that she got married to a man as she confessed me before  that she didn’t like men. The past followed her as a shadow. She was a victim of child abuse since young, her parents didn’t even know about that.

The last time…! It was..the last time when I met her in a hospital. I was doing my internship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward. I was so much busy, doing ward round, making changes, going to labour room, delivering the child, and at that moment, I never forgot, that a nurse called my name seriously to check around a newly admitted patient. I just entered to the emergency room, and what I found was a pale flower getting circulatory shock. I smelled something strange …then checked all things and managed as needed and informed to seniors but i only knew my eyes were full with tears and my hands were getting tremor. We asked the blood from Blood bank during resuscitation. It was very late when she was admitted. She was not totally comatose, but she knew it was me. Do you know a patient with Zero blood pressure can sometimes behave and talk like normal people when they were in Shock stage? She said she was happy to see me like a doctor. Operation Theatre was ready during reviving her, but needed to increase her BP first before surgery. She had Ectopic Pregnancy which is a pregnancy outside uterus, and it was located in uterine tube. During a short moment, round about 15 minutes of resuscitation, she smiled back to me for three times at least. Then, a beautiful flower died on my hands.

It was about four years ago that happened like this. And i cried all days and nights after her death. I wore a red dress to her funeral. I spread the red roses on her body. I kissed a pale flower’s forehead with the last goodbye. When i got back from her funeral, I remembered to check out a bag. That big bag had several letters that she had sent to me which i never opened it. I made the reasons that i was busy to check it out and i thought she got settle with her marriage and it was just the remembrance letters. But when i opened all the letters, i felt it was too late to correct my mistakes.

In that letters, she described her parents forced to marry a guy because their debts were so much and it was the only way to escape from the debts. I didn’t know why her richness gone! And in a letter it said that the factory they owned got burnt by fire and her dad’s got stroke. And a letter 6 months apart from that described that she would get married. And i was cordially invited to her wedding. It was like watching how things were happened on a screen.

Until I opened a letter, i didn’t feel guilty.

I remembered it was the Christmas when she gone. And that letter was the exceptional one and strange one than other letters as it was wrapped in a Christmas paper. When i opened that, i could feel the sense of Christmas freshness. I even felt her smile when she sang carol singing. It was a Christmas card with the date back to my final year student life. The card was still new. When i opened it, a song appeared. I cried. Because that song was the one she used to sing.

Then the two sentences she wrote to me won’t be fade forever in my memory.

She said :

“Thank you for being a friend with me. Do you remember what i say to you when we were in high school.? That the girl i seriously love and she won’t ever know my feeling on her? You will feel surprised, i hope. No matter how weird, it is the one who opens this card”.

My visions got blurred. My silence got noisy with hurt. The only thing i got is Regret.

I ever failed to check the letters she sent. And it was the biggest mistake that i couldn’t correct again. I didn’t know how to comment on being a homosexual, and i didn’t realise myself what is my perception on that. I didn’t discriminate to them, sure, but i didn’t recognise their feelings as well because i thought it wasn’t an ordinary thing and really ashamed to be like this.

As I get older, i finally realise that everyone is deserved with the name called ” Humans” as long as they don’t do any cruel matters, and show inhumanity. Whatever a person is a gay or straight or lesbian or bi or transexual, the truth is we all have gods and faith. We can’t prove the existence of god scientifically, but we can believe his existence. Likewise, the sexual orientation is the mindset and it is individual preference. It is not an offence nor a criminal. Everyone can be different as this is human rights.

I didn’t realise my feeling on her. But the thing is i felt hurt every time I saw red colour. You know red is her favourite colour, red is her usual blouse she wore, red meant her braveness, red was a metaphor of Christmas, red was the wine she ever drink in Christmas, red was her blood spread on my forearms when she got admitted to hospital, red was the final goodbye of her existence, red was my regret.

Dear Santa,

All people are borne with equal dignity and rights. I didn’t recognise her feelings on me and I could felt my disgusting sense of dislike on her feelings. However, whenever December arrives, I can hear the way she sings with a red blouse. Her smiles are my regrets. Her songs are my ignorance. Redness always make my pain worse. She was just a white friend, but a red rosy of my rhyme.

May god bless you dear.

Forgive me.








One of the luckiest moments…

Do you know how gotta you feel when your artwork is published? For me, it is so much worthy and deserved for every moment i spend on it. Today, someone tag me on my Facebook timeline. I didn’t know about that. It was one of my short stories had been republished (second time) recently as the Publisher’s favourite. It was 44 short stories by very famous writers (not me), and the seniors and really fantastic for being published by one of the most famous publishing house.

Today, my feelings are very dramatic. In the evening, a handsome Scottish guy pay for a cappuccino for me, because i don’t have cash and i just have card. The canteen doesn’t accept the card. At the time, i feel very sad but he says ” hey, don’t worry”, I’ll pay for that. He is so generous. At first, i refuse but he says he doesn’t want any return and it’s just a coffee. I ask for his number and i even check him on Facebook. He is so so so lovely. I appreciate Scottish’s generosity and decide to help any Scot visitors from now on. Oh! You Scottish are so much Kind….You touch my heart guys.

Then, at night, I summit by statistics assignment using Turnitin and wait for the result. It was just 2% similarity. Oh, you see! Today i am so lucky. Everybody help me. Every moment is remarkable. I love my artwork, I love that guy, I love my coursework (only today)…! How lucky I am!

And another thing is he touches my heart. HAHAHA! He is from international design study.

I think I am happier on his behaviour more than my artwork and coursework. 😀

Anyway.., I feel….






If Frances see my post, i think she will say, SHWE, You are a wee bit stupid!

Not a wee bit actually, now, my feelings melt on him.

Guy, so much helpful and I will remember you every drinks of cappuccino.


International Human Rights Day. (10th December)

Image from – Human Rights and Human Dignity International Film Festival Myanmar (HRHDIFF)

In 1948, 10th of December, at Paris, during UN general assembly, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted , according to wiki. It contains 30 articles to cover all aspects of gender, religion, freedom of belief, expression, culture, politics, social, professions as well. Why these rights had been announced? Well, in my opinion, humans are so strange. Firstly, they will kill each other and create war. Then they say…Now, we want Peace, then promote Peace again. Secondly, they want to clear the blacklist of the past like world wars. Imagine how innocent Jewish were killed in inhumanity? Racism makes war. Again, difference between humans ,create wars. Because people psychology is they want to be agreed, they just want the same opinion. They don’t want the non-ordinary things like homosexuality. The developed countries hit against developing ones, though they show their supports and humanity on disasters. ( They are really great, however, everything is more or less bias for every country, every aspect). Blacks were discriminated. Hate speech were pronounced! Then wars kill people….finally, we kill our future generations with very ugly past. Nobody can’t delete the history though you can hide from it. However, we can get a lot of lessons from these mistakes and then, a word ” Rights” began to appear to be considered. This word ” Rights” has to demand everyday because there is no such a complete and perfect “Rights” in this world. If this is perfect, we don’t need to ask for it. Several protest and manifestation still happen in the world elsewhere. There are still crisis and breaching of individual rights as well. Nuclear weapons are ready to destroy the world. Like the imaginary science fiction movies, the whole world is infected with hate, war. Black eyed peas asked…” Where is the love, the love?”. No father in this world can help us!. No god can clean our past.! 9 11 still reflects on all people around the world. Imagine what if we all have Ebola now? Do we continue to fight each other for revolution? Or…we cooperate to find the pills? In my country, since the country got independent from British, we were the victims of burmese military Juntas. Previously, it had been totally tough period for anti government political parties. You shouldn’t do against the government, otherwise, go to jail and named like “Criminals” and you will be called like ” Political Prisoners”. 🙂 No freedom of expression. Everything is under control. With these notorious history like North Korea, many countries banned us for sanctions. I am now living in UK and the bank i applied said I couldn’t transfer money from my country. These sanctions are actually to economically restrict or block the bad named country. However, the innocent public had always been the victims of their games. After 2008 constitution law had been issued, ( still for them), in 2010, first election for the target for stepping to democracy was done after 2008, though former elections and changing of constitutions for several times happened since we got independence against British Colony.  Not a real democracy.! People in my country still suffering from hunger and poverty. How could they know the word ” Democracy”.? If the government really loves the country, the first thing he needs to do is searching for what his people need, indeed. And the uniform changes from military suits to Burmese traditional suits is not democracy. It is just the changing of wears. I can’t imagine what will happen next on coming 2015’s election as the military person can only be the president so far as we can conclude from the constitution.  So, they change the clothes. But they still unchanged their mindset. Our milestone is terribly worse again and again. So, many people promote human rights in our country during this transition period. ( probably transition), but not actually.! Governments still close the public mouths, though they tell they will reform all things according to people’s needs. Hereby, i attach the Universal Declaration of human rights for you to read it and compare to your country’s situation. http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ Again, here is the 2008 constitution of our country. http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs5/Myanmar_Constitution-2008-en.pdf Please find which fact is totally wrong and bias on this constitution if you have time. Many youths are active to promote freedom of assembly , freedom of expression. As a youth, i also participated in one of the aspects by doing filmmaking. In Burma, there are still less documentaries about human rights as you will get punished if you do so. However, many people still shouting and demanding for their rights. Here is the Facebook link of our film institute for filming about different human rights problems in Burma. I am the first batch of this. And I don’t know when government will take action on our movements. And this festival as well as the Human Dignity Film Institute is still approaching to the target of being promoting the real sense of Human Rights although there are a load of disturbances on every aspects. And i shared the film festival link. Please contribute that. https://www.facebook.com/HRHDIFF Our earth is sick with war. Blood are still stained on people’s soul. Histories got notorious everywhere. Nuclear weapons are ready to be fired. What will we tell to our young? What else can we explain? We gonna pretend nothing was happen? Or We will tell the blood stained history with dead emotion? Listen! Like us, the world has heart beats. People don’t hear her’s because people only hear the loud noise of wars and hate speech. They fail to listen to the earth. Believe me! The world is alive. The world can survive or die according to you. Future is in our hands. Past is in the Soul. The certainty totally depends on Present situation. The world is asking something to you now! Can you feel it?

Ugly beauty.. turns to …pain!

It is very clear that I want to live freely and i hate all the things who tie me, including humans, some coursework, assignments, and exams. I try as far as I can on the things I have interest on. This is not a pessimist, i think. Well, i am not an optimist, but just to be realistic. I promised to all of you that I will try as far as I can from now on whatever my reason is. Isn’t the improvement? Why should I adjust my colour with everyone? Why ya want me to change me? Hurts me a lot! Please consider. The difference is much between me and others. I accept. But that is the way I chose and I try my best now.

What else can i do in this world? I thought Scotland will give me a huge freedom. Why you want me to change? Why you want to limit my art.? If you will change, no problem. You can see my corps on the next day. I seriously work for art. I can’t survive without art. Nearly all know about that. Right? I mean you can’t feed a cow with Spaghetti. You can’t bath your cat. You can change your hair colour, and other parts of the body, but you can’t change the process of the world on how it is still going.

There were a lot of burden for me to change the career. I couldn’t explain so much about this as I always trapped myself in this with the feelings that were difficult to understand. I even though about that I should change to multimedia class. You don’t understand well about a human’s psychology indeed. You thought you would encourage me by changing me. But you failed.

I apologise you. Do not try to change me. Please have sympathy and empathy. If someone change your freedom, what-else you will suffer from?

I am a tide. A tide means I have emotions. I can rise up today, may be i will fall again tomorrow. Because i live in the sea. The sea is called ” My rhythm”. I always confess my weakness as well. I have no secret. I am an extrovert one. I don’t care what people will think about me if I tell something to them. I don’t care.

I mean i m not perfect. I am sometimes very bad in coursework. But don’t give me pressure. Especially, if you don’t want me to see being a girl who likes creation, just skip me. Don’t talk to me. It’s better of both of us.

( This is not for my teachers nor colleagues. Just for the one i met by chance. )

Dundee Trip ( A town with the Silence…) 2014 December

Dundee is located in Scotland. It is famous particularly because of the ancient, historical places.  It was said that Dundee University is the fourth largest universities in UK. Visitors come and visit to explore these heritages.  For me, as a freelance photographer, Dundee is very emotional in every aspect. From the sky…from the clouds…to the seagulls, to the people. I love Dundee and edit these photos the whole night. These are kind of emotional photos , not in theorectical, just according to my feelings. This was uploaded to my Facebook, as well. I hope you enjoy it and better if you can name some of these photos. ! 🙂

Copy right – Lynnsatt Nwe
December 6th, Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Lizard edit-45

Name- Reveal the Sea.
This is the famous beach in a village called Broughty Ferry. Sometimes, between May and October, you can see dolphins and whales. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-46
Name- The wildlife map of Broughty Ferry.
A map guide to explore the creatures. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-47

Name- Map of Map

A map to the famous places like Castle, Museum, Beach. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-48

Name- Away from castle

This is Broughty Ferry’s famous castle. Inside this is the museum. You will find alot of interesting histories as well as the old photos that revealed 1800-1900 period. So, for me, it was a precious trip. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-49
Name- The Orange

The castle. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-50
Name- Rectangular

An explanation about the castle. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-51
Name – Clock lady

In the museum. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-52
Name- Man of Dundee

In the museum. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-53
Name – The blow

In the museum. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-54

Name – The Pink Cotton

Oh, it was really interesting that there are so many swans on the street. People feed them bread and they dont attack us. They are familiar with humans. — at Broughy Ferry.

Lizard edit-55
Name- Parking for ship available

Though it says like “No Parking”, why this big ship park here? — at Dundee.

Lizard edit-56
Name – Depression

Penguins can sometimes be found on the street. But we didnt see them yet. Here is in front of the discovery center. — at Dundee.

Lizard edit-57
Name – Loneliness

Penguin look like depressive.

Lizard edit-58

Name- Golden but dark

This is the discovery center with the ship and penguins.

Lizard edit-59
Name – He, me, cyclist

Just a lovely man, attracted to my camera.

Lizard edit-60
Name- Argo and us

There you are! This is our tour group. All are students from different universities around Glasgow.

Lizard edit-61
Name – The protest

Oh, when we got there, the Scottish made the protest. It was a kind of demonstration and probably, the law wasn’t protective to them in a point. However, refer to the law itself, as i dont know Scotland law.

Lizard edit-62
Name- Opposites..but same for fight

During their protest.

Lizard edit-63
Name -To be Escaped.

I love this dog so much. I dont want to manipulate the viewer’s option, but this dogs has so many meaningful looks on this photo for me.

Lizard edit-64
Name- Smoking lady

This pretty lady smokes near the protest. She wears like Burmese silk longyi (skirt). Just click that before she turns back to me.

Lizard edit-65

Name- Poor but not poor

Here might be the possible cause of the protest.

Lizard edit-66
Name – The reddish lane

Kids are the most innocent people in the world. I didn’t see a kid who dislike the toys. This statue is in the city center.

Lizard edit-67
Name – Santa is on sale.

Just the Christmans remembrance.

Lizard edit-68
Name – Coffee

This is really emotional. Curiosity and fear come together through my mind on shooting this photo.

Lizard edit-69
Name – Monster and the pink

This Dragon is ugly and lovely. I am not sure it is Dragon or the monster. Because they have the history about a monster lake.

Lizard edit-70
Name – Hunger

Here are the doves. I love it in Monochrome.

Lizard edit-71
Name – Closed

The St.Andrew Church of Dundee. I can’t access to interior as it is closed in Saturaday.

Lizard edit-72
Name – Corner

The whole town is so silent and all the buildings capture my eyes.

Lizard edit-73
Name – My life can be palpable here.

Mc Manus is the place where I spend most of my time there. Inside this is a museum with gift shop, cafe, cotemporary arts, the evolutions of different types of photographies and the crative arts. So, these creative things feed my heart. I wasn’t even hungry in the afternoon. Actually, all went with the tour guide. However, I went these trip alone in order to make the photos on my own, to have more time and didnt want to bother anyone. So, this is solitude trip for me. I visit around the city with Google map. How weird but reliable it was?

Lizard edit-74
Name – Pupil of the Art.

Inside the Mc Manus, this ceiling is like the eye with the pupil. I appreciate for all the artists works there. I change the whole colour for that.

Lizard edit-75
Name – The thief

Mc Manus has three floors. The Basement, first and second floor, this is simply the most top one. There, we can see the city’s church through the glasses.

Lizard edit-76
Name – Hide and Seek

Sorry, i coloured it.

Lizard edit-77
Name – Still.

Please look at the bottom of the statue to read.

Lizard edit-78
Name – The darkest.

Glasgow is said to be the very cold place. However, when we reached dundee, that is nearly 2hrs drive from Glasgow, it was so cold and couldn’t even compare with Glasgow. So, if Glasgow is a lady, Dundee is the grandma. I didn’t wear gloves in Glasgow, however, my tears even dropped drown and started to sneeze, thus i need to wear gloves. The gloves disturbed me a lot as it was the leather.

So, i needed to take it off every time i shot. Thus, there was no sun, and my feelings got wild and i felt annoyed. This photo is actually very clean. However, i paint it like my mind.

Lizard edit-79
Name – Four logos.

This is the logo in front of the Dundee high school.

Lizard edit-80
Name – The colourful

There is a modern university as well called Abertay University. They are very creative and they made certain installing arts over the trees. So, i made the shot.

Lizard edit-81
Name -I miss you Daddy.

I was travelling alone. Everything is silent. Imagine how could I feel so lonely and weird at that time. When i watched google map to go to Dundee University, I saw a father and his lovely son like this. The kid smiled at me for several times and then I couldn’t stop my feeling to shoot this kid to put it in my documentary photography.

Lizard edit-82
Name – The Sketch.

Just at the corner of a street. Certain kind of scattered graffiti, i think.

Lizard edit-83
Name – Rainbow man.

Dundee university trip made my legs cramp. It was a hill up, you need to climb like at least 10 minutes to reach there. Imagine I had a big bag with a laptop for edit, 3 lens, one camera body, snacks and a take away buggette, two read bulls, two kit kat chocolate, one tissue paper. It was so heavy and i annoyed it. At that time, a student probably from Dundee University walked so fast and passed, then i saw his fashionable bag and made this one.

Lizard edit-84
Name – The Yellow Rose.

This is the my most favourite photo that i took at this trip. The girl just wear the white, but i don’t know why i want to see her with yellow. She is an attractive, passionate lady, Yellow makes her gorgeous. She is the poem of my day.

Lizard edit-85
Name – Moist

The roads are wet, with the thin layer of moisture. This time is really good for lighting. Actually, it was just around 4pm. Daylight never appear during these days in Scotland. But this is better for shooting as our guide told me not to late than 4 30 pm. I went and shot nearly all things, and i arrived to bus so early at 4pm. The bus stopped in Penguin place (the Discovery Point). Then the lovely bus driver gentle man and I had a great conversation. This evening was meant to me.

Lizard edit-86
Name – Santa is driving.

Oh, i forget to tell you. Here is the funny thing. Did you see a Santa with a motor cycle before. I didn’t. He is so funny and at that moment, i nearly got accident as i tried to shoot quickly to get this and the traffic turns green at this time. Santa made me scared as well.!
Name – Santa of Dundee.

Santa with a motor cycle.

Lizard edit-87
Name – Santa of Dundee.

Santa with a motor cycle.

Lizard edit-88
Name – The Stranger.

I love birds. Because birds have wings, and they revealed the sense of freedom. But Dundee seagulls are unlike glasgow seagull, they are quite wild and don’t like humans. I shot this with tele, however, look at his eyes, he is curious and want to fly away from me.

Lizard edit-89
Name – The parcel.

It was like 4 30 when i take this photo. I arrived to meeting point earliest, no one was there. Hence, tour around to city centre again and they light it on. So, this Christmas gift is for me.

Lizard edit-90
Name – The set.

The decoration of city centre before Christmas.

Lizard edit-91
Name – The black lady.

This is an expensive, but nice restaurant near discovery point.

Lizard edit-92
Name – Tears and Homesick.

The trees looked like the blood vessels for me. And there is a sea called Tay, which is the longest one in Scotland, and 7th largest one in UK according to wikipedia. The lights are from the opposite bank of the river. The wind blows strong, the currents looked like an aggressive man who wants to bully a girl. Then my mind got disappointed by the wind. Made it blurred on purpose and monochrome is better for my wild feeling too.

My reflective feeling on this trip

I was so much stressful with my academic coursework. So, this weekend, although I was still busy, I took enough time for travelling for a recreation. Sometimes, you may need a proper time to let yourself free. Travelling and making creative art is my favourite things. So, I gotta go to trips for so many times and make photographs further, unless I die because of stressful coursework in my university.


The worst feeling…..but relieved after a motivation…

Design – Lynnsatt

I am an unlucky girl since i’d been here. I like Glasgow, I love Scottish, though their accents and the weather is difficult to catch. The good thing is they are very polite. Every time, when i open the door for them, they say like ” Thank you”. Whenever we collide each other in a crowd, they ever say ” Sorry”. For example, on this occasion, some may say like ” F* you”. Even in UK, i found three people who were not SCOT but from a part of UK said like ” F* you” or ” Bitch”. One was happened in my university’s gym, badminton playground, the second time is when i cross the road, the teenagers are just saying and gossiping, the third time is the most surprising and shocking one, that was from one of the colleagues.

I have a Scottish friend in my class. She is Laura, really helpful like Hari. I like Hari and Laura because they never discriminate people and try to be optimist. For Hari, i already write about this. So, for Laura, I had a conversation about tattoos and piercing then we know each other. She is on my Facebook and whenever i ask for visit around Scot or i feel angry and open to her, she says like…calm down, u gotta be alright, as i am an aggressive girl, sometimes, depressive girl, unstable like Glasgow weather. But I never made other people annoyed by insulting and can be negotiable. I like most of the Burmese here, i won’t mention because i don’t want to be bias on them. So, apart from my burmese colleagues, I want to suggest Hari and Laura as the reliable people. Other guys have good points too. But not directly on me, so, i won’t mention this time.

Anyway, i was unlucky throughout the days. But today, i had a motivation from someone else. Let that be called like X. OK? X never fails to listen other’s feelings. I just trapped myself in stress. I already confess my interest is in Art, but doing bioscience because of i can’t sacrifice my 6 years spending and investment of life, money, family matters to be a doctor, so thus, i try my best for this master and this course is really good and not available in Myanmar. So, I won’t get regret. My parents say, may be i can do second master for Art or may be I can stand with both careers. So, all the things is just my choice. However, sometimes, loneliness comes. For example, i use to go out every night with my friends, from film, journalism, creative writing fields, and ever late to get home and missing these lovely remembrances whenever staying and studying alone in a small student’s flat. 😀 My dad is very lovely and one night, he felt so angry because i was like…going back home so late at 3 am. He closed the door. But I had a key. HAHA. Because sometimes, they couldn’t understand how much i’d spent my times for the whole night for film making at that times. But this problem is ok now. He finally came and encouraged me alot when my docu film ” Bamboo Girl” was screened. Yeah..oh, anyway, let’s talk about X. So, here, i feel like the outsider. But when i opened to X, because I don’t have anyone to open, i don’t want to bother all, but by chance, i opened my feelings to X and X was like understanding to this. Any though i am always unlucky and can’t shoot on whatever i want, X said that would be fine, all you need is just to focus on yourself, like that. So, i mean, though the criminal certainly should have a penalty, his defence lawyer’s encouragement is really important for his survival. Like that.

I have very much positive side on X. I don’t know why. Sometimes, the whole world regard you like an idiot, but your family don’t. Even if on an alien planet, you may feel like…Ah…these aliens talk so fast and so disappointing, but if they listen to you, you can be comfortable. Anyhow, accepting the worst, preparing the best, comparing own-self, forget about the bad, may be helpful to carry on another steps for success. If self-motivation is quite hard, you need to be motivated by someone else.

So, i don’t get regret on the course i choose. I won’t get regret what the wrongs i do. But I want to change a new suit for the coming new year. That suit is called ” Happiness”. Please say ” Hi” if you see my smile on my lips next year and that could be certainly the one i seriously eager for.

Thz…all my burmese friends, Hari, Laura, X, my friends ( Doctors, Artists ), and finally, Glaswegians.!

Aye Aye 😀 😀 😀 (Aye means Yes…in Scottish, i learned 3 words, Yes, No, F* in Scot ) 😀

When mothers talk about their daughters…..


Photo and Graphics- Lynnsatt Nwe

Mom. I seriously miss you. Though we were always fighting and understanding again frequently, the way we treat each other was really tight. What will you do in this Christmas and new year. You know others will sing together and will be happy soon. Without me, I know you can’t be happy this new year. How can you celebrate a party without me? If i play guitar, u sing. Remember? I went to Sainsbury store and I saw families. The mothers were hugging their kids. I stared them surprisingly. And i realised i need a hug. Mummy, some say they will sing together with their daughters. For me, I will pass this Christmas alone, may be singing in my mind and let my tears drop. I am still a kid who always need a hug, mummy. (though in other’s eyes, i am a naughty lady)

Another thing is why i am so stupid in every case and every matter? The answer is i am borne stupid.

Particularly today, the weather is so wild for me. No hug, no smile, no warmth. Your naughty girl will sail over trips to Dundee and Ayrshire Beach tomorrow.

Anyway, like what you always say about me in front of your students, my teacher said about her lovely daughters in the class. At that time, I controlled myself not to cry. And i think, you will always miss me. Especially, when you do the operations without a naughty, weird assistant surgeon, your daughter.! I will write a poem for you mom.

” Whenever i heard about other families,

I am glad they are happy..

But Imagine this Christmas without you…

It’s a longest moment to pass through.

Although aims are hard to catch….

I still run and hide myself,

Glasgow blows the wildest wind….

I’ll sing with you in my dream. ”

















From Glasgow,

With tears.


This is all about the films, the street photos and the short stories that I made.

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This is all about the films, the street photos and the short stories that I made.

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This is all about the films, the street photos and the short stories that I made.


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